I hereby promise [Akshay raises his left hand, see picture] to blog in sickness(as you've seen) and in health until death, take me away.

Well it looks like I'm addicted, many of us suffer from this strange addiction, this, blog addiction.What else will explain me comming back each day posting something new and even more inane than the last.
This obsession goes beyond clicking on the little orange[Publish Post] button on the bottom right corner of my screen, it's like publishing these post has become a part of the Tennesee Waltz, I call my life.
It all started out as an innocent expereiment in June 2003. Inspired my the first monnsoons rains I wrote my first post .I didn't know what it[blog] was, what it was used for or how to use it even but I stuck with it, posting as I said before something new and even more inane than the last.
I went on rambling, moving from post to post .


Why the CIA factbook described Serbia as a country slightly smaller than Kentucky.
The question floating around in my head is How big is Kentucky ??


A Post on the twin blasts in Mumbai(Remember)

Monday, August 25, 2003

Location : Same
Environment : Tense

Subject-- It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Death and Destruction , shattered glass on the grounds,puddles of blood and the sounds of the raging sea in the background.It's so easy to kill a man , but it's much harder to forgive him. Fear in people eyes , blood on their faces.
Bombs go off everyday in the hearts and minds of men not explosives but of hatred.Hatred has no end.
Hatred has no end.
Hatred is our end .

But mostly I've published ramdom thoughts(all very boring yawn!!) peppered with triviality on things that have caught my eye.I tried to do some travel blogging in Sri Lanka but failed

I've done some wierd posts from being a lefty ( Gauche! & My Sinister Awkwardness Disproved. )to Getting a letter from H.G Wells ( no kidding !!).
From Cobras and Riki Tiki Tavi to Indo-Pak Reunification (Part 2 & Part 1) to school nostalgia (I felt like Alice in Wonderland on Magic Mushrooms.) to not speaking my mother tongue (Caveat Reader!! ) to Jap Death Poetry and so on not to mention a Short Story (Eva [WARNING : badly writing])

All I'm trying to say is that I've come a long way as person from June 2003 probably each post I've done since then documents some change.
It's been a good experience documenting what I've felt,seen and heard and put them down in words.
Words sometimes not illegible but words non the less.

Update:- My fewer got a lot worse today fewer reached a high of 103F and the medicenes I was on made me really drowsy and sleepy therefore couldn't give my exam(sob!!). Looks like I would have to give next sem which will be a drag but it atleast its not my fault .. The good news is I've started to recover and I did reluctantly go to a doctor and will most likely be fit before my next exam.

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