I felt like Alice in Wonderland on Magic Mushrooms.

Went back to school today, it’s been three years .The feeling was strange to say the least .It was like meeting a old friend who you where once very accustomed to but now don't meet anymore .You remember all the good and bad times you shared and that nostalgia leaves you into a surreal place .

Today, 6th September is celebrated in India as Teachers day, a day where students everywhere pay tribute to their gurus and being in Bombay I decided to visit school for old times sake. I thought it would be nice to share some of my thoughts and feelings on the visit.
Firstly as I mentioned it was kind of surreal . On the drive there I had this feeling at the bottom of my stomach , the kind of feeling you get in a school bus or when you don’t know anything in your applied mechanics paper.

A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

Walking through the countless corridors ,the opens halls and emptily filled classrooms it was like sleep walking into the past .My first observation was that everything looked smaller .It was like someone had drawn a box around place with their mouse and did a 2x zoom-out .Was it that everything had grown smaller or was it that I had grown bigger or was it a little of both ?
For any reason beyond my microscopic intellect I felt like Alice in Wonderland on Magic Mushrooms.
Moving on

The question was why where all the girls who where also visiting dressed in the summer prep line?
All of them flaunting it in their “Mango Addict:” T-shirts. Consumer Nation I tell you.
Not that I’m complaining .
Bohemian Rhapsody playing in my head followed my radiohead’s There There .

Things Change

The More things change ,the more they stay the same. Things have changed so much but in my head there just the same . Same old same old.
It’s typical isn’t it.

Ending where I began ,I went back to school but I came back.

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Snehal said...

Hmm... even i am feeling like back to school now! School is where I have spent some of the _BEST_ days of my life. Taking all sorts of memories along, u drive into the same lane where once u parked your bicycle side by side to that of your best friend :)... must be one _ever_to_remember_ nostalgic moment!

Anonymous said...

just passing by...
hope everything is fine with you :D

Kathak - The Story Teller! said...

Somehow, I'm not a person for nostalgia. Didn't cry during my school passing out farewell (or it was called something of that sort), and that was a BIG thing, since everyone cried and felt bad and felt that they would never see each other and after 12 years etc etc etc....

Interestingly, whenever I go back to school (since my sis is in the same school) I still don't feel enything. Zilch, zero, no feelings what so ever. Wonder why!

Akshay said...

You know certain people use certain signature phrases ,
certain uniques ones that when you hear you can pinpoint if you have ever heard them before -----"Zilch Zero" is certainly one of those.The usage of which I've only heard once ,in a debate last Saturday..