First Cobras

Most people must have heard of Rudyard Kipling and no I would not pretend to be him just to make my blog more readable.
That would kind of be like my freind H.G Wells who is reachable at H.G Wells Represents.
The only reason I'm reminded of Mr. Kipling is a Book he once wrote.
More speciffically a story from The Jungle Book , Rikki Tikki Tavi.
Why Riki Tikki Tavi ??
A good question, dear reader .For the answer we must jump into a stort incident which happened to me a week before yesterday.
I was driving into the cul de sac I call home, parking at my regualar spot ,right at the end of the dead end by the heap of collected dead foliage.A place not blessed with proper lighting in the night but a place blessed with a silence that comes with darkness.The time, being rather late to be coming back from college as it is ,the excuse drama practice.
I rode in with my headlight blazing easing off the corner accellerating steadily and than breaking till I gently glided to a stop at the end.
Getting off my bike , I stand there face to face with a snake .
No ordinary snake I remind you ,a cobra.
He stood there gawking at me with his magical eyes , time stopped ,my nuerons screeming for a response form my now panicing mind.
Looking at the this beauty of a snake , don't get me wrong I don't particularily adore snakes but just looking at this awesome specimen of nature made a strange feeling of awe overcame me.
And then there was fear,
dude this snake could do serious harm to me , I have seen all the documentaries and the collective national geographic/discovery channel in my head was telling me to
back up , nice and simple... Nice Cobra Nice Cobra and a occasional down boy as he was hissing in a calm and somewhat seductive manner.

So I backed off slowly at first and then I ran , I ran till I reached my gate
Happy to live and tell the tail without the help of any anti-vemon..
Anyway the story isn't over .
Then the next day when I decide to park my scooter on a differrent spot guess who I meet ,a mongoose.A rather large rodent like creature with a long bush tapering tail.

I found this very interesting ,
Forgive me I just a city boy a boy who is not used to wildlife around his own sanctuary, forgive the pun.Thing is nothing has changed I still stay in technically a city of 4 million people , Pune but I still share my yard with a Mongoose and a Cobra and many other nocturnal inhabitants I haven't had a pleasure of meeting (these include bats).
Thus to end and draw a connection , I have my very own Ricki Ticki Tavi ..
But I prefer to call him just Ricki.

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Anonymous said...

You dare rip off bats ... i will axe you. They're the princes of darkness and then can bloody fly, plus they hear everything. They know everything. They are god.
PS: Its good you didn't get bit.

Akshay said...

Yes Siree Batman,
BTW had an accident today,nearly died.. 118 ne caught me from behind ... but luckily I walked away from it ,no broken bones looks like it going to be rickshaws for me from tomorrow (atleast for a week)...