Ivan the terrible

I feel




Terribly Terrible

if I can put it like that.
If I were to put how I feel into a picture this would be it.

What is going to make me feel better ? ?

This might be it .

I don't believe in doctors(I hate them to put it mildly), therefore am self medicating myself to the following.

40 tablets of Septilin (Himalaya Drug Company)
Dosage- as and when I feel over the next month.

Dosage- when I feeling especially BAD.Right now would count.

Vitiman B & C Complex
Dosage- Twice a day to keep my strength up.

Soup(Knor:Chicken Noodle) and allot of Hot Liquids(Elichi Chai) -
Dosage- as and when I feel .

I would like to add Brandy to the list but I'm out of that.

The timing is so f#$^ing perfect a day before an exam.
Porbably the delirium will help me pass.

UPDATE - 2200 Hrs Its official I got fewer. Possible diagnosis it could be viral which would be the absolute worst case. Popped in some paracetamol (crocin)
Being sick is bad enough , being sick before an exam is even worse and being sick alone tops it all.I'm sick, before an exam and all alone well this sucks.

I'm apologise for being so crude but you could just blame it on the damn virus.

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