I'm Left-Handed.I write with my left.I'm a Lefty.

It's liking living in a mirror.
Most people in the world hold their pen,their paintbrush,their guitar their violin with their "right-hand" ,but few may have realized that it is possible to write or do things the other way around.
If you look into the mirror and comb your hair, or brush your teeth, the mirror shows you my context of thought.The case is that I write and do most my daily chores and jobs with my left hand.Writing with your the left is different from writing with your right, but the output (this hard to believe for some) is the same.Right-handed people, hold their pens between their thumb and their index fingers in anticlockwise sense and write in a left to right sense.I do the same but , I just hold the pen with my left and the pen is in the clockwise sense.
Living In India , a country where symbolism and signs are taken pretty seriously, magnifies theentire "lefty-thing" all together. Shopkeepers to Rickshaw-wallas to Priests have not excepted money if I offer them it with my left hand.Not to mention , each time I sign my name somewhere , I'm bound to get one of those left comments, the most common being "Aap kaise likhte ho..."("How do you write ??)or "How do you hold the pen" or "How do manage to hold the pen like that""Does effect your writing speed in exams??" the list goes on..Some people imitate the way I HOLD the pen(using their right hand) and snicker behind my back.
I should have got used it by now, and I have.
But the phenomenon goes far , it give me a view in people a front row seat in the psyche human mind.
People who are differrent ,people who are not in herd,people with differrent experiences are looked at differrently then the demographic. The picked up and put into a pigeon-hole.
Nomeclature is important for humans.
A - "Do you watch Cricket?"
If your response is for example is
B- "No"
then if A watches Cricket..
the response you'll get wil be
A - " Why ??"
but if the responds to the underlined question differrently and says
B - "Yes , I watch Cricket"
you'l get a more favourable response
A - "Great , did you see India play yesterday, Sachin was awesome"
Basically our freind , A is trying to sort B into a common pigeonhole. If he gets a positive response he stereotypes him and places him under "Cricket Watching".
But if gets a negative response , our freind A will try to find out Why , he can't understand why .
The same thing happens in Racial stereo-typing, but things can get far more hairly here.

The same thing happens to right handed people when they see a left-hand person writing .
They don't seem to understand why people need to write with their left when they can do with their right, and they ask why ??

the next time you see somebody looking ,doing ,feeling
differrently look in to the mirror, for he/she is just your mirror

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Rahul said...

Very True !!! Being a lefty I have been through such situations.

BTW saw your profile and must say that we have lots of things common regarding movies and music.

Snehal said...

Let me state my observation about the people who write with their left-hand ....
Most of the left-handed people I have come across have really good handwriting.

Akshay said...

Actually , my handwriting is not very good..

Monologist said...

well, i won't know about being a lefty, to be honest. I'm very much a righty.=)
However my society isn't like India, they just are like.. ok whatever you're a lefty that's kool.

But for the last few lines, your pigeon hole theory. I doubt the person A is just saying that as a stereotype, perhaps just curiousity?
I find myself saying... hey do you watch cricket, and the likely answer would be no here, however people ask me in turn why i watch it, and what i find interesting about it.
there isn't any in and out groups there.
just people being people and communicating.
however that's my opinion.

Akshay said...

I agree about the curiosity part... and stereotyping is very different then curiosity..
Being curious is about asking valid questions to delve deeper in the nature of the other person , where as stereotyping is just the opposite as in the person already has this somewhat bias picture in this head and he has already made his decision
As for Cricket in India it not merely a sport in the country...its a Relegion... and sport almost drives most of the denizens in the Country into an almost frenzied feverish something ... which I somewhat cannot describe

Anyway Monologist... i'm going to add your blog to my link list..

Rushi said...

Your handwriting isn't bad! a bit small, though. I always felt sorry for left handed people because their hands brush over what they've already written. Leonardo Da Vinci refused to write from left to write. He wrote like a mirror image which I find very cool. (I am reading the Da Vinci Code, which is going in my list of favorite books.) Did you know Nani was taught to write with her right hand even when she's left handed? I think mom told me that.

Akshay said...

Thats right I cannot write on Blackboards or on Whiteboards as a matter of fact... but its quiet ok.
As for the Da Vinci Code is definitly one of fav books..
..I write you soon rush.

Monologist said...

yeah I know the craze about cricket... it's like live, but in relaity speaking you all know it comes down to being just a game.

I'm still sticking with the curiousity, I think that steams most questions and stereotyping isn't ness. a bad thing. mankind is always in a rush to classify so maybe stereotyping is that way too... however it can lead to being a negative thing, like everything can.

thanks for added me. I really enjoy your posts, they seem to search for a deeper meaning in things.

ohh and happy indian independence day.
i hope you spent the day well