I was sleeping . I sleep on my stomach with my face on the figure and my mouth open. I sleep. Music plays in the background.
I sleep peacefully to the soothing sound of electronica-rock.The phone begans to ring , I began suffle in my sleep steadly changing sides , mumbling words and I unconsiously try to ignore the insessant ringing. It goes on as there digital ring continues and drowns the smoothness of the music resulting in cacaphony . I ignore ,yet it Rings and RIngs and it RINgs and it RINGS. Then it Stops.
But only for a moment . Then the monotomy starts again........the NOISE makes me shiver with anger .I cannot sleep anymore , I cannot dream anymore ..This phone is suffocating me in my sleep. I get up angry , my eyes bulging red , my hands clenched together and MY NAILS DEEPLY entrenched deep in the palm of my hand.
I pick up the phone , and wait all I hear is static AND then I HELLO which is resonded to by a sudden beep of a cordless phone and then a ring tone is heard over and over and over again.Somebody hung up.. Somebody disturbed my sleep by insessantly calling up and the had the audacity to HANG UP........Anger spurged out of me like boiling milk overflows. I BANGED the phone on the reciever till I could hear the sound made when plastic mets plastic.. I walk steadily and I gain speed and my walks turns to running . Running turns towards the door I open it and continue and bang door behind me and I continue to the nearest window and screen like a banshee ..........Screem...........


I was thinking to myself the frog can't stay all day in my pot so place my little frog freind into a tupperware container and place him back in his/her natural surroundings.

Good deed for the day done.
note to self - how can the french eat frogs.

Au Revoir

Today , I was feeling particularily sleepy and I showed signs of sleepiness my yawning and outstretching my hands above my head
I therefore walk to the bathroom ,brush my teeth afterwhich I continue towards the toilet pot to relieve myself , I'am suddenly woken up with a jerk and a tickle in my heart.
There lies before me frog (frog or toad I'am not sure), staring back at me. Showing him some respect I restrain myself from relieving myself on him and lower the toilet seat and toilet cover .Walk to the other bathroom .

I would definately say that Kid A by the Radiohead is the best album to listin to when you are depressed and lying in your bed pretending to sleep.

Let look back at yesterday and see if I say anything of particular interest.

Yup , I saw cat eating a stale shark head (shark come in various sizes this one was snall) at a garbage dump.

Shark Head

I got , a slight cold and nose is blocked so you can hear me sniffle my way through life. My face has turned a shade of greenish brown and my eyes are red and watery .My face has been chiseled in to a permanent frown.
My eyes are closing slowly, I am going to sleep .
But wait I suddenly wake up , this must be what people called micro sleep.
DISCLAIMER- microsleep can be dangerous while driving , make sure you rest every 2hours , Remember do not drive tired.

I begin to sneeze and body fluids is projected out with great speeds.
DISCLAIMER :avoid contact with body fluids , unless you have no choice, by the way the HIV virus cannot spread through sneezing or saliva.

BUFFERING 10% 16% 20% 26% 40% 60% 100%

yes , I'm loosing it

my question to you

What the hell is that?

I have a throbbing head ache, an ache surging threw my head. Had a cup of soup again today ,same old thick mushroom soup , only thing was that there was no undissolved chunks of soup mix. Therefore my life has now dissolved into the bigger bowl of soup. Is that good?
I don't know, I want to stand out , but it seems impossible to be more then mediocre in what you do ...and still be good at it.
Blue notes is playing in the background, Nothing makes you feel more alone in this world then listining to Jazz alone.
Just imagine your self in an empty room with a jazz band playing in a corner.You are the loneliest person in the world.

"Tomorrow" went quite well , facing the stigma of society is not easy. People judge you .
I don't like to be judged , but it is human to judge.
Differrence is also a criteria of human judgement. People assert their judgement upon whether you like it or not.
Maybe I will try not to judge people tomorrow on any basis.A tough task but , not everything is easy in life.

Nothing is easy in life. Actually the easiest things in life are the toughest.

Ok "ITS TOmorrow again"

Ray Charles

Tell your momma, tell your pa,
Gonna move you back to Arkansas.
All right, baby what'd I say?
Whoa, all right, baby what'd I say?

Oh baby, oh baby.
All right, baby, what'd I say?
Baby, what'd I say?
Oh, all right, yeah.

Baby, what'd I say?
Yeah, what'd I say?
Baby, what'd I say?
Baby, what'd I say?
Oh, what'd I say?
Baby, what'd I say?

Ah well, ah hey, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right, baby.

Finished a cup of Knor's Thick Mushroom soup. Its was kind of chunky , I didn't mix it well
Deciding whether to make a nw cup of soup..don't have much choice clear vegetable or "thick mushroom again.
My life is like the chunks of undisolved soup mix in boiling water.
I know first I was the right drain now I am a chunk of of undisolved soup mix.
The way I see it , I am moving up.{[Music playing in the background]-Darlington County}.Nop..no confession
Let see if I have some candid confession to make.{Change in music -Feelin' In The Same Way (norah)}
I look around my room to see what strikes me , in one corner I see a eaten bowl of curd , spoon still left in . Strange thing is I don't eat curd. OK a empty bottle of berry orange juice.
Bed undone, the bedsheet has a strange pattern of "blue rose".


btw {change in music -Jaded (Aerosmith) } now thats ironic

Geek- You are a geek. But it's cool.

I'am in a happier mood today,but happiness is nothing to blog about.

Happiness is nothing to be blogged about.
2 days in the dessert sun makes your skin red

Location : Same
Environment : Tense

Subject-- It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Death and Destruction , shattered glass on the grounds,puddles of blood and the sounds of the raging sea in the background.It's so easy to kill a man , but it's much harder to forgive him. Fear in people eyes , blood on their faces.
Bombs go off everyday in the hearts and minds of men not explosives but of hatred.Hatred has no end.
Hatred has no end.
Hatred is our end.

Time : 1:03 pm.
Location : Home , My room.Somewhere in the Universe

Water is running , and I'am deciding whether to have a bath or not. The water is overlflowing . The floor of my not exactly flat ,it's inclined at a modest tilt of about 2 degress, so as the tub overflows the water to the left in to a drain in the extreme left and entering the drain to the just a inches away form the source. My life is like that drain in the right of my bathroom , so close to the source but yet so far.You may see changes in way this blog is evolving. But does changes choreograph the volatility of the human mind.
Why I'am I writing what is the chance of anybody reading this , can this ever make any differrence , or is it another way of nothing.I feel everybody feels or experiences nothingness and everybody runs of excepting it. We all are nothing , yet be pretend to be something . It can be possible that that by embracing are nothingness we can attain peace.
May as well have a bath, since the water is still flowing.

Let the water keep on flowing