Finished a cup of Knor's Thick Mushroom soup. Its was kind of chunky , I didn't mix it well
Deciding whether to make a nw cup of soup..don't have much choice clear vegetable or "thick mushroom again.
My life is like the chunks of undisolved soup mix in boiling water.
I know first I was the right drain now I am a chunk of of undisolved soup mix.
The way I see it , I am moving up.{[Music playing in the background]-Darlington County} confession
Let see if I have some candid confession to make.{Change in music -Feelin' In The Same Way (norah)}
I look around my room to see what strikes me , in one corner I see a eaten bowl of curd , spoon still left in . Strange thing is I don't eat curd. OK a empty bottle of berry orange juice.
Bed undone, the bedsheet has a strange pattern of "blue rose".


btw {change in music -Jaded (Aerosmith) } now thats ironic

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