Today , I was feeling particularily sleepy and I showed signs of sleepiness my yawning and outstretching my hands above my head
I therefore walk to the bathroom ,brush my teeth afterwhich I continue towards the toilet pot to relieve myself , I'am suddenly woken up with a jerk and a tickle in my heart.
There lies before me frog (frog or toad I'am not sure), staring back at me. Showing him some respect I restrain myself from relieving myself on him and lower the toilet seat and toilet cover .Walk to the other bathroom .

I would definately say that Kid A by the Radiohead is the best album to listin to when you are depressed and lying in your bed pretending to sleep.

Let look back at yesterday and see if I say anything of particular interest.

Yup , I saw cat eating a stale shark head (shark come in various sizes this one was snall) at a garbage dump.

Shark Head

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