I got , a slight cold and nose is blocked so you can hear me sniffle my way through life. My face has turned a shade of greenish brown and my eyes are red and watery .My face has been chiseled in to a permanent frown.
My eyes are closing slowly, I am going to sleep .
But wait I suddenly wake up , this must be what people called micro sleep.
DISCLAIMER- microsleep can be dangerous while driving , make sure you rest every 2hours , Remember do not drive tired.

I begin to sneeze and body fluids is projected out with great speeds.
DISCLAIMER :avoid contact with body fluids , unless you have no choice, by the way the HIV virus cannot spread through sneezing or saliva.

BUFFERING 10% 16% 20% 26% 40% 60% 100%

yes , I'm loosing it

my question to you

What the hell is that?

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