Time : 1:03 pm.
Location : Home , My room.Somewhere in the Universe

Water is running , and I'am deciding whether to have a bath or not. The water is overlflowing . The floor of my not exactly flat ,it's inclined at a modest tilt of about 2 degress, so as the tub overflows the water to the left in to a drain in the extreme left and entering the drain to the just a inches away form the source. My life is like that drain in the right of my bathroom , so close to the source but yet so far.You may see changes in way this blog is evolving. But does changes choreograph the volatility of the human mind.
Why I'am I writing what is the chance of anybody reading this , can this ever make any differrence , or is it another way of nothing.I feel everybody feels or experiences nothingness and everybody runs of excepting it. We all are nothing , yet be pretend to be something . It can be possible that that by embracing are nothingness we can attain peace.
May as well have a bath, since the water is still flowing.

Let the water keep on flowing

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