I was sleeping . I sleep on my stomach with my face on the figure and my mouth open. I sleep. Music plays in the background.
I sleep peacefully to the soothing sound of electronica-rock.The phone begans to ring , I began suffle in my sleep steadly changing sides , mumbling words and I unconsiously try to ignore the insessant ringing. It goes on as there digital ring continues and drowns the smoothness of the music resulting in cacaphony . I ignore ,yet it Rings and RIngs and it RINgs and it RINGS. Then it Stops.
But only for a moment . Then the monotomy starts again........the NOISE makes me shiver with anger .I cannot sleep anymore , I cannot dream anymore ..This phone is suffocating me in my sleep. I get up angry , my eyes bulging red , my hands clenched together and MY NAILS DEEPLY entrenched deep in the palm of my hand.
I pick up the phone , and wait all I hear is static AND then I HELLO which is resonded to by a sudden beep of a cordless phone and then a ring tone is heard over and over and over again.Somebody hung up.. Somebody disturbed my sleep by insessantly calling up and the had the audacity to HANG UP........Anger spurged out of me like boiling milk overflows. I BANGED the phone on the reciever till I could hear the sound made when plastic mets plastic.. I walk steadily and I gain speed and my walks turns to running . Running turns towards the door I open it and continue and bang door behind me and I continue to the nearest window and screen like a banshee ..........Screem...........


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