Trivial Thoughts In Pune

This Sunday morning is perfect for offloading those random thoughts accumulating in that empty head of mine.

All shops are closed beteween 1:30 p.m and 3 p.m . Why you ask ? Afternoon Siesta.
Punekar's love their afternoon sleep.Still wondering why they call Pune a sleepy city ?

All women here drive wearing lab-coats and use their dupattas as head gear which makes them look more like ninjas or bandit queens. There actually really quite fierce.

The Sakal headlines reads "Pune gella Khadeyat" [loosely tranlated into --Pune has dispeared into a Pothole --].

Punekars are really quite capitalistic.
Me - Here's the paper bill. [hands money and bill]
Paper fellow - Can you give it to me tomorrow. [giving money back]

200,000 cars and 1 million two-wheelers in 146 square k.m --- do the math.
I've had 3 accidents in 2 years. [all minor thankfully -- you could read about on them here]

People talk more in smaller cities. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with my rickshaw-wallahs.

How to read a Pune rickshaw meter ? {[Meter reading*6]add 2}

I get a lot of google queries about this --- One can get a Neeta Volvo to Pune near Dadar TT circle and it costs roughly 200rs.

Watching Sarkar, rohits and dabbas joint sentiment --- Where is Katrina Kaif ?

Pune is India's 8th Largest City but 5th richest, has the highest average per capita income for any Indian city which equates to least unemployment and one of the best standard of living.

Most maharashtrans can't pronounce 'J' it comes out 'jzee'[as in Issiah] for some reasons. It's especially hilarious if you studying vectors [i, jzee, k].

Poona traffic police are called 'pandus' not 'mamus' like Bombay and they eat 'kanda poha' not 'vada paus'. Paunch and other accessories same.

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Prerona said...

Hey ... this was very nice. Brings back lots of memories. I was there for about 5 years, though it seems like a long time ago now. Thanks.

Suhail said...

Have lived in Pune for sometime..I quite liked the ninja/banditqueen's so refreshing. And even though the two cities are so close, the scarf fashion never quite took off in Bombay. It just adds that bit of a color to daily life.

esp'lly loved the pithy line : "Pune gella khadeyaat" :D

Shall be bk for more.