Trivial Thoughts In Mumbai

Trivial Thoughts In Mumbai

In the tradition of Trivial Thoughts In Dehli, as usual Random thoughts jotted down in no chronological order.

Palli Hill and New Zealand has one thing in common, New Zealand has more sheep then people,Palli Hill has more cars.

Life is random, upto 240 songs million different ways Ipod Shuffle.Yeah to that !

Going down, 7 floors in a 544 kg capacity Otis lift, I have this overwhelming feeling.
A feeling that things are going to change.Wait a minute I've stopped.

Wait a minute now, look the sea.

BTW I still feel like the Indian Candidate for Indian Edition of Catcher of the Rye minus all the scotch and water and cocktails.Where is Jane Gallagher, I still wonder

Radio is so much better in Mumbai than Pune, Radio Mirchi Pune is officially the world's worst formulated Radio Station.You could set you clock with their playlist, they repeat them every day.

I can't affort World Space, a static ridden BBC World Service is the closet I can get on my SW radio, I also get China radio's Hindi Service which is absolutely hilarious.Nothing like hindi in a chineese accent not to mention the propaganda(like China didn't conquer Tibet).Off the Shelf and World Book Club on the BBC World Service, what can I say, nothing like them.

I think, I've rediscovered Mumbai/Bombay, the climate even.Strange.

fil�mi (f?l'm?) n.
Music composed for the Indian popular film industry, using traditional and modern instruments, with melodies and vocal styles derived from Indian folk and classical music.
Getting into the OED is it ?

10 lanes on the Eastern Express Highway, where the @#$k are they going to fit them all.

Shanghaification they call it.

""Dharavi at crossroads"" says economist. [[ Note if you don't know Dharavi is one of Asia's largest slums, covering 220 hectares (530 acres) near the airport, some 100,000 people produce goods worth over $500m a year ]]

B.E.S.T [Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport] is on strike they want a 130% pay hike, government will give them 100%. I think they deserve it running India's best public trasport bus system. PMT [Pune Municipal Transport] please take note.

What does TT stand for in Dadar TT ?
-- Tram Terminus
There were trams here ?
-- Yeah

New York Times does a Page 3 on Mumbai. Listin to this "Olive Bar and Kitchen, 14 Union Park, (91-22) 2605-8228. Lunch and dinner daily. Dinner $26 a person, drinks $4 to $10."

I always had the sneaky suspicion about this, India is the cheapest place in the

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