Trivial Thoughts In Dehli

Trivial Thoughts In Dehli

I wrote the following thoughts down on the large yellow post-its pad I carry me.
Random thoughts jotted down in no chronological order.

There is never a whisper in Dehli, always a loud holler or a discombobulate whistle

Everbody is dressed so impeccably in their winter attire, I'm getting a complex sitting here, unshaven, dirty with dirt under my finger nails.

The Qutub Minar is prime real-estate for stray dogs or are there blue bloods.

Nick attracts the colorful green and yellow rickshaws like mosquitoes.

Post-its make up for for lost blog entries.

Normally I won't be seen dead at a Barista, well I'm amazed but in Dehli the Cafe Carmel, a chocolate brownie and Frank Kafka is keeping me going.

At a signal a boy, not even five walks up to me and trys to sell me a Tehelka. Tehelka should know better.I bought the tehelka anyways.Hope the boy gets his next meal.

Women/Girls return my smiles. I like Dehli

My hands are stained, not with blood but with blue ink

Bombay propaganda on Dehli has been incorrect on many extents,yet true on some.Well thats why they call it propaganda.Well I want a Dehli take on Bombay.

Sitting at yet another coffee shop, sipping yet another caramello; Iranian students entertain mr with a beautiful ballad.Guitars are being to work, finnally.

Nick has disappeared I wonder where?

The lady next to me is talking about baking a cake, Boy am I hungry

Ishi, thank you for the Jacket.

Dehli is so well designed and organised.It make me think Bombay and Pune are just conglomerate masses of Chaos.

I quote my grandfather : All rickshaw wallas are crooks.

I sometimes feel like the Indian Candidate for Indian Edition of Catcher of the Rye minus all the scotch and water and cocktails.Where is Jane Gallagher, I wonder

Nick - The Dollar is falling.But don't worry it will be long time before we have to worry about it.
Akshay - I like that , I'm growing fat but it will be a long time before I should worry about that

Strange, I know. Wierd, I know

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lily said...

ha...u got me giggling..