I awoke this morning and I just wanted it to rain.
Why ?
I don't know.
I just want it to rain.

Feeling inarticulate as usual.


Vocationally Boring, Failureist, Dull, Aesthetically Dumb, Obscure, Procrastinating, Sometimes Evil, Always Deceitful.
No this is not a sad attempt at google bombing myself most of it's true.

The City

The night is warm, and it diffuses slowly through the glass slowly inflicting you like a cancer. The light stretches to infinity, yet all you see is the a dull amber reflection.

Life oozes around me like an aromatic exudate.Trapped like Liquidambar, sweet gum revealed only at moments when we are lightly pierced, pricked into submission.

In our shell we lie trapped,disolving into the universe but now knowing it, not feeling it.Lines buckle, break, shades disapear colours meld and we transcend.

I'm the same as he. Same as you. Same.

Embrace the city.


or Mild Tremors

Scary both ways


Second Earthquake hits -- this time of lesser magnitude
Date: 15 March 2005
Origin Time: 02:07:08 UTC (07:37:08 IST)
Magnitude: M 4.6 ( India Meteorological Department )
ASC Region: Konkan Coast, Maharashtra

Check THIS out [it's the google news search for earthquake]
The freaky thing is that in the 12 hours there's been a earthquake reported in

Not to mention Mount St Helen(Mount St. Helens is an active, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. [read further at wikipedia]) playing up [read Mount St. Helens burps big cloud of steam, ash. (via Boing Boing)].
And need I mention last DECEMBER.

I'm not a Geologist or anything, but I see something in my black lentil soup as we Indians say.
All I can say REMEMBER the basics Duck , Cover and Hold.

5.1 [Corrected] on the rh scale , Epicenter Koyna, Maharashtra.
[Tremors rattle parts of Maharashtra VIA Rediff]

The ASC - 'The Earth Quake Chasers' [link]

I came the across a quiet interesting link - - a group calling themselves The ASC, short for the Amatuer Sesmic Centre. A sort of hobbiest group with a serious interest in Earthquakes.
They describe themselves as
an independent website based in Pune (Maharashtra, India) that was founded in June 2000 by Stacey S. Martin. The website was created with the aim of providing users in India and overseas information on earthquakes in the sub-continent.

Not suprisingly at all that it's based out of Pune.
[+ learn more about the ASC]


More infomation on the quake as per - - [ ASC
Date: 14 March 2005
Origin Time: 09:43:47 UTC (15:13:47 IST)
Magnitude: M 5.1 (IMD)
ASC Region: Konkan Coast, Maharashtra

Latitude: 17.200 N
Longitude: 73.700 E
Depth: - kms
Source: IMD

9.8 kms SE of Pachamba (Maharashtra), India,
16.9 kms E of Sangammeswar (Maharashtra), India,
23.8 kms SW of Koynanagar (Maharashtra), India,
41 kms SE of Chiplun (Maharashtra), India,
50 kms ENE of Ratnagiri (Maharashtra), India,
51.5 kms W of Karad (Maharashtra), India,
62.1 kms SW of Satara (Maharashtra), India,
77.4 kms NW of Kolhapur (Maharashtra), India,
81.1 kms S of Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra), India,
148 kms S of MG Road, Pune (Maharashtra), India,
173 kms NNW of Belgaum (Karnataka), India,
190 kms N of Panaji (Goa), India,
214 kms SSE of Churchgate, Mumbai (Maharashtra), India.

One person injured in a wall collapse in the Koyna-Chandoli region. Many buildings developed cracks in this region and people rushed outdoros screaming.

Felt widely throughout Pune and unconfirmed reports of a few buildings having developed cracks.

Also felt mildy at Latur.

Trivial Thoughts In Mumbai

Trivial Thoughts In Mumbai

In the tradition of Trivial Thoughts In Dehli, as usual Random thoughts jotted down in no chronological order.

Palli Hill and New Zealand has one thing in common, New Zealand has more sheep then people,Palli Hill has more cars.

Life is random, upto 240 songs million different ways Ipod Shuffle.Yeah to that !

Going down, 7 floors in a 544 kg capacity Otis lift, I have this overwhelming feeling.
A feeling that things are going to change.Wait a minute I've stopped.

Wait a minute now, look the sea.

BTW I still feel like the Indian Candidate for Indian Edition of Catcher of the Rye minus all the scotch and water and cocktails.Where is Jane Gallagher, I still wonder

Radio is so much better in Mumbai than Pune, Radio Mirchi Pune is officially the world's worst formulated Radio Station.You could set you clock with their playlist, they repeat them every day.

I can't affort World Space, a static ridden BBC World Service is the closet I can get on my SW radio, I also get China radio's Hindi Service which is absolutely hilarious.Nothing like hindi in a chineese accent not to mention the propaganda(like China didn't conquer Tibet).Off the Shelf and World Book Club on the BBC World Service, what can I say, nothing like them.

I think, I've rediscovered Mumbai/Bombay, the climate even.Strange.

fil�mi (f?l'm?) n.
Music composed for the Indian popular film industry, using traditional and modern instruments, with melodies and vocal styles derived from Indian folk and classical music.
Getting into the OED is it ?

10 lanes on the Eastern Express Highway, where the @#$k are they going to fit them all.

Shanghaification they call it.

""Dharavi at crossroads"" says economist. [[ Note if you don't know Dharavi is one of Asia's largest slums, covering 220 hectares (530 acres) near the airport, some 100,000 people produce goods worth over $500m a year ]]

B.E.S.T [Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport] is on strike they want a 130% pay hike, government will give them 100%. I think they deserve it running India's best public trasport bus system. PMT [Pune Municipal Transport] please take note.

What does TT stand for in Dadar TT ?
-- Tram Terminus
There were trams here ?
-- Yeah

New York Times does a Page 3 on Mumbai. Listin to this "Olive Bar and Kitchen, 14 Union Park, (91-22) 2605-8228. Lunch and dinner daily. Dinner $26 a person, drinks $4 to $10."

I always had the sneaky suspicion about this, India is the cheapest place in the

36 guitars


Yesterday, I was part of a pleasant religious gathering and if rock is your religion you would have been there as Mark Knopfler blew Mumbai away like another one of his glorious riffs much to the delight of 17,000 concert starved Indians present. Sachin Tendulkar couldn't have done it better. If the history of Rock and Roll is ever written, Mark Knopfler, formerly lead man Dire Straits would definitely will go down as one of the best guitarists to have ever lived.
I ain't going to miss that, No Siree.
So all were present at MMRDA grounds, Bandra waiting for the "quiet man of rock and roll" not to dissapoint us with his smooth baritone voice, 36 guitars and trademark spectacles. Dissapoint he didn't, as he played a blend of songs, new, old, classic, unforgetable.
At the end of 120 minutes he left crowd grasping for more, returning twice Mr Knopfler quenched their thirst spinning out all their favourites.
Finnally, he left us all 17,000 of us a little high in the head, a little soar in the feet, voices fading, screaming for more.

Note: Pictures would have been taken if camera would have been allowed. Mobile imagery will be uploaded soon enough


I dedicate this post to my Sister, Ishita.

Who's a beautiful person, beautiful - inside out.

Little miss ishita is in the middle of her exams. Best of Luck Ishi Pishi !

What do you see when you close you eyes ?

What do you see when you close you eyes ?
Do you see black or the sun radiating through your eyelids?
Do you see god, or the moon yonder in night sky ?
Do you see your love, the flowers in spring,summer rain?

Or do you see Nothing ?

I see nothing . But in that nothing, I try to imagine everything.
Try it, it works.

Summer is coming.

The Seasons are changing,the chickoos ripen, the cuckoo sings and the sunbird builds her nest.Flowers blossom in the lukewarm air and constant sound of water sprinklers resound in you ears.
Summer is coming.