36 guitars


Yesterday, I was part of a pleasant religious gathering and if rock is your religion you would have been there as Mark Knopfler blew Mumbai away like another one of his glorious riffs much to the delight of 17,000 concert starved Indians present. Sachin Tendulkar couldn't have done it better. If the history of Rock and Roll is ever written, Mark Knopfler, formerly lead man Dire Straits would definitely will go down as one of the best guitarists to have ever lived.
I ain't going to miss that, No Siree.
So all were present at MMRDA grounds, Bandra waiting for the "quiet man of rock and roll" not to dissapoint us with his smooth baritone voice, 36 guitars and trademark spectacles. Dissapoint he didn't, as he played a blend of songs, new, old, classic, unforgetable.
At the end of 120 minutes he left crowd grasping for more, returning twice Mr Knopfler quenched their thirst spinning out all their favourites.
Finnally, he left us all 17,000 of us a little high in the head, a little soar in the feet, voices fading, screaming for more.

Note: Pictures would have been taken if camera would have been allowed. Mobile imagery will be uploaded soon enough

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