or Mild Tremors

Scary both ways


Second Earthquake hits -- this time of lesser magnitude
Date: 15 March 2005
Origin Time: 02:07:08 UTC (07:37:08 IST)
Magnitude: M 4.6 ( India Meteorological Department )
ASC Region: Konkan Coast, Maharashtra

Check THIS out [it's the google news search for earthquake]
The freaky thing is that in the 12 hours there's been a earthquake reported in

Not to mention Mount St Helen(Mount St. Helens is an active, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. [read further at wikipedia]) playing up [read Mount St. Helens burps big cloud of steam, ash. (via Boing Boing)].
And need I mention last DECEMBER.

I'm not a Geologist or anything, but I see something in my black lentil soup as we Indians say.
All I can say REMEMBER the basics Duck , Cover and Hold.

5.1 [Corrected] on the rh scale , Epicenter Koyna, Maharashtra.
[Tremors rattle parts of Maharashtra VIA Rediff]

The ASC - 'The Earth Quake Chasers' [link]

I came the across a quiet interesting link - - a group calling themselves The ASC, short for the Amatuer Sesmic Centre. A sort of hobbiest group with a serious interest in Earthquakes.
They describe themselves as
an independent website based in Pune (Maharashtra, India) that was founded in June 2000 by Stacey S. Martin. The website was created with the aim of providing users in India and overseas information on earthquakes in the sub-continent.

Not suprisingly at all that it's based out of Pune.
[+ learn more about the ASC]


More infomation on the quake as per - - [ ASC
Date: 14 March 2005
Origin Time: 09:43:47 UTC (15:13:47 IST)
Magnitude: M 5.1 (IMD)
ASC Region: Konkan Coast, Maharashtra

Latitude: 17.200 N
Longitude: 73.700 E
Depth: - kms
Source: IMD

9.8 kms SE of Pachamba (Maharashtra), India,
16.9 kms E of Sangammeswar (Maharashtra), India,
23.8 kms SW of Koynanagar (Maharashtra), India,
41 kms SE of Chiplun (Maharashtra), India,
50 kms ENE of Ratnagiri (Maharashtra), India,
51.5 kms W of Karad (Maharashtra), India,
62.1 kms SW of Satara (Maharashtra), India,
77.4 kms NW of Kolhapur (Maharashtra), India,
81.1 kms S of Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra), India,
148 kms S of MG Road, Pune (Maharashtra), India,
173 kms NNW of Belgaum (Karnataka), India,
190 kms N of Panaji (Goa), India,
214 kms SSE of Churchgate, Mumbai (Maharashtra), India.

One person injured in a wall collapse in the Koyna-Chandoli region. Many buildings developed cracks in this region and people rushed outdoros screaming.

Felt widely throughout Pune and unconfirmed reports of a few buildings having developed cracks.

Also felt mildy at Latur.

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