"I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications' incomprehensibleness"?

This is the longest sentence in English language in which the Nth word contains N letters [I guess, the shortest such sentence is "I am."]

Indo-Pak Reunification .
In my mind the former is just a Dream. A Dream based on fantasy not on fact.
A Castle in the sky. You may want something to happen but it does not necessary translate into it happening.

Esteemed Judges and this most recptive August Audience.
I Akshay , from Maharashtra Institute of Technology speak against the topic.

To further my argument that Indo-Pak reunification is not possible I will delve in four conditions I feel are required for a successful reunification and in doing so I will show how these conditions simply don't exist in the present scenario and how they may not exist in the future.
Unlike the many most my colleagues who have spoken before I'm not going to indulge myself in mere Anti-Pakistan rhetoric instead mention hard fact.

The first condition , which I feel is an absolute necessity for the case of reunification to be drawn out is Peace.

I bet that know one in the audience would describe the relationship India and Pakistan share to be "Friendly".

Far From it..

In the 57 years of existence of both these nations the situation has oscillated from brief periods of calm to border disputes, open war, cold war,diplomatic blockades ,insurgency to even a Nuclear armchair.

Let me also remind you that India and Pakistan have been at war thrice.
The first being in 1961 .
Then again in 1971.
And as recently as 1999 in the Kargil conflict.
There are still underlying issues which are thorns in the peace process and with no proper composite dialogue being shared between the two nations I see these issues to remain largely unresolved.
Without the prevalence of Peace I feel the case for reunification is grim.
Far from grim it is highly unlikely.

Moving on .
The existence of an visionary leadership is required to use the case .
Let us take the example of Germany where Gorbachev took the real iniative reunite both East and West Germany.
India and Pakistan lack such an Enlightened Government.
Pakistan is head my a Military dictator as President who is hiding behind a pseudo-democratic government.
India is not far behind. India with rampant corruption and bureaucratic red tapism is not exactly a prime example of good governance.
With such unimaginative governments ,the case for reunification is unlikely to be pushed.
Let me remind you that Indo-Pak reunification is not a small triviality it requires a true iniative.. Which is lacked on both sides.

Let us look at prevailing Social Condition , the world has seen a hardening on religious lines.
The same is the case in India Pakistan ,
In Pakistan there is small section of society,certain cleric peddling hardline , extreme views who are spreading hate on the basis of religion..
In India with the existence with the existence of religious hardliners like the BajRang Dal the picture is quiet the same.
Reunification will further complicate the already complex religious equations thus leading to strain on India's secular Fabric causing only more communal violence.
This in my mind would have disastrous effect , a disastrous effect we cannot afford.
Thus making reunification a impossibility.

Summing up I would like to say the case for reunification is like a skeleton .
A body with no mass , no flesh.
Thus should be dismissed as impossible.

toady is the 41st Anniversary of Martin Luther King's speech.
I have a dream.

I too have a dream
a dream where India and Pakistan co-exist in Peace.

The only difference between my dream and that for reunification is that mine is closer to reality.
Thank you.

[Note---- Sadly I didn't qualify for the next stage... by the way this speech does not reflect my views on the issues.. those will be cleared up next time]

I'm going be speaking at the "L N Birla National Debate" regional elims... I know scary shit...
Anyway the topic being "Indo-Pak Reunification : A possibility"
I speak against the Topic.
To tell you the truth in the heart of hearts I really would want it to happen..
Anyway as of tomorrow I going to drown my feeling in a shit load of rhetoric..
I will post both my speech up tomorrow with full run through of day's the happenings .
Anyway wish me and my partner Akshad best of luck,.

The following things went wrong bc they just went wrong.

1> Potholes and PMT buses,
damn if potholes aren't bad enough if you get both Potholes and PMT buses
together you get a recipe for disaster and before you know it ,you just got yourself creamed in a shit load of muddy water.Can anybody explain why PMT buses travel in packs , and does the Pune Municipal Transport Corporation actually go to lengths to layer them with dirt???
Anyways looks like I would always have to do battle on roads of Pune in such adverse conditions ...

2>Pune Traffic Police
Guess what , I just gave my first officially (unofficial) bribe yesterday.And my second bribe followed a few minutes later.
How many times have you come across the phrase Corruption is a way of life in India,
Many a time I guess.
and yesterday I experienced it first hand.
The first being at a normal traffic junction where your ever smiling, slightly obese ,white uniformed, mamu(cop in punieri) calls pulls you over for no particular reason and ask you for a PUC(pollution under control) not furnishing one charges you a 100RS fine and gives you no ticket which is in result a "BRIBE" , on asking for one (receipt) he say it's chai pani a paisa (money for tea and a snack)..
BTW for purely academic interest I only had 100rs in my wallet ,,
Therefore I drive away , light walleted very light walletted.
The thing is that at the next signal guess what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another cop pulls me over , again for no apparent reason or fault of mine.
And again asks me to furnish a PUC certificate. At this point I'm all frustrated with hands in my air telling him what just happens and the show him the fact I have ZERO money in my wallet...
Anyways after several many levels of negations ,which including me telling him I knew the nephew of the Mumbai Commissioner and that I'm distantly related to an IPS(Indian Police Services) Officer that he will lets me go ,but on One condition that I pay him Rs 100.
To which I protested removing wallet .
"Mere Pass Koi paise nahi hai" (I don't have any money)

To which he replied .
"Pur ap ke pass HDFC ATM card tho hai , dekho waha ek atm hai" [pointing to my ATM CARD]
(But you do have ATM card , look there's a ATM)

Looks like If corruption is a way of life I'm learning fast.

I published a new blog today... it called Photo Freezer .... please do visit check out some of the pictures...

life of

22th century
Date-10th JANUARY
Time-0119 hours
LOCATION -unknown
I find my
self in strange place, a closed
living quarters , the room is spinning around me and I'am in the
centre .. in the corner there appears to be a bed which has been
adequately camouflaged by a deluge of books .... two tables appear to
my right with descriptions closer to dingy and sombre , the first
table is under the shadow of a large book shelf looming high over
the floor and dominating the wall scape ........Accompanying the table
in loneliness , is a chair and a white board .....The white board is
filled with strange cryptograms decipherable to many but read by none ..
The second table is a table disguised as a cabinet ....the contents
of which cage a computer.......and what looks like a telephone .
Two doors leave and enter the room opening any one of which
unleashes great cacophony on any living thing within it's perimeter..
Through the window one sees a large tower standing high like a tower
of jenga blocks ......car rush bye in the darkness..and in boredom i
write for i get no sleep .. for i sleep not for i live the life of

The wind blows through my hair , as I stand and wait..
people walk by.
Slaves to the monotonous madness we call life.
Staring at the fleeting sky
I wonder. As day turns to darkness..blue to black.
Stars , I see unchanged,as thier light travelles millions of years to meet my eyes.
I still wonder Why?Why? are we slaves to this cyst, this farce of
surrealism, when we can just stand and stare and enjoy the beauty of

I'm Left-Handed.I write with my left.I'm a Lefty.

It's liking living in a mirror.
Most people in the world hold their pen,their paintbrush,their guitar their violin with their "right-hand" ,but few may have realized that it is possible to write or do things the other way around.
If you look into the mirror and comb your hair, or brush your teeth, the mirror shows you my context of thought.The case is that I write and do most my daily chores and jobs with my left hand.Writing with your the left is different from writing with your right, but the output (this hard to believe for some) is the same.Right-handed people, hold their pens between their thumb and their index fingers in anticlockwise sense and write in a left to right sense.I do the same but , I just hold the pen with my left and the pen is in the clockwise sense.
Living In India , a country where symbolism and signs are taken pretty seriously, magnifies theentire "lefty-thing" all together. Shopkeepers to Rickshaw-wallas to Priests have not excepted money if I offer them it with my left hand.Not to mention , each time I sign my name somewhere , I'm bound to get one of those left comments, the most common being "Aap kaise likhte ho..."("How do you write ??)or "How do you hold the pen" or "How do manage to hold the pen like that""Does effect your writing speed in exams??" the list goes on..Some people imitate the way I HOLD the pen(using their right hand) and snicker behind my back.
I should have got used it by now, and I have.
But the phenomenon goes far , it give me a view in people a front row seat in the psyche human mind.
People who are differrent ,people who are not in herd,people with differrent experiences are looked at differrently then the demographic. The picked up and put into a pigeon-hole.
Nomeclature is important for humans.
A - "Do you watch Cricket?"
If your response is for example is
B- "No"
then if A watches Cricket..
the response you'll get wil be
A - " Why ??"
but if the responds to the underlined question differrently and says
B - "Yes , I watch Cricket"
you'l get a more favourable response
A - "Great , did you see India play yesterday, Sachin was awesome"
Basically our freind , A is trying to sort B into a common pigeonhole. If he gets a positive response he stereotypes him and places him under "Cricket Watching".
But if gets a negative response , our freind A will try to find out Why , he can't understand why .
The same thing happens in Racial stereo-typing, but things can get far more hairly here.

The same thing happens to right handed people when they see a left-hand person writing .
They don't seem to understand why people need to write with their left when they can do with their right, and they ask why ??

the next time you see somebody looking ,doing ,feeling
differrently look in to the mirror, for he/she is just your mirror

Sometimes I am not purely able to concentrate on the task on hand and my mind wavers like the free wind.. Bouncing about from place to place from topic to topic and it all ends up in giving me a headache , like the one I'm having now.
I wonder if this happens to everybody .. How the hell do they still manage to put up that placid face when a War is waging inside .