life of

22th century
Date-10th JANUARY
Time-0119 hours
LOCATION -unknown
I find my
self in strange place, a closed
living quarters , the room is spinning around me and I'am in the
centre .. in the corner there appears to be a bed which has been
adequately camouflaged by a deluge of books .... two tables appear to
my right with descriptions closer to dingy and sombre , the first
table is under the shadow of a large book shelf looming high over
the floor and dominating the wall scape ........Accompanying the table
in loneliness , is a chair and a white board .....The white board is
filled with strange cryptograms decipherable to many but read by none ..
The second table is a table disguised as a cabinet ....the contents
of which cage a computer.......and what looks like a telephone .
Two doors leave and enter the room opening any one of which
unleashes great cacophony on any living thing within it's perimeter..
Through the window one sees a large tower standing high like a tower
of jenga blocks rush bye in the darkness..and in boredom i
write for i get no sleep .. for i sleep not for i live the life of

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