The following things went wrong bc they just went wrong.

1> Potholes and PMT buses,
damn if potholes aren't bad enough if you get both Potholes and PMT buses
together you get a recipe for disaster and before you know it ,you just got yourself creamed in a shit load of muddy water.Can anybody explain why PMT buses travel in packs , and does the Pune Municipal Transport Corporation actually go to lengths to layer them with dirt???
Anyways looks like I would always have to do battle on roads of Pune in such adverse conditions ...

2>Pune Traffic Police
Guess what , I just gave my first officially (unofficial) bribe yesterday.And my second bribe followed a few minutes later.
How many times have you come across the phrase Corruption is a way of life in India,
Many a time I guess.
and yesterday I experienced it first hand.
The first being at a normal traffic junction where your ever smiling, slightly obese ,white uniformed, mamu(cop in punieri) calls pulls you over for no particular reason and ask you for a PUC(pollution under control) not furnishing one charges you a 100RS fine and gives you no ticket which is in result a "BRIBE" , on asking for one (receipt) he say it's chai pani a paisa (money for tea and a snack)..
BTW for purely academic interest I only had 100rs in my wallet ,,
Therefore I drive away , light walleted very light walletted.
The thing is that at the next signal guess what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another cop pulls me over , again for no apparent reason or fault of mine.
And again asks me to furnish a PUC certificate. At this point I'm all frustrated with hands in my air telling him what just happens and the show him the fact I have ZERO money in my wallet...
Anyways after several many levels of negations ,which including me telling him I knew the nephew of the Mumbai Commissioner and that I'm distantly related to an IPS(Indian Police Services) Officer that he will lets me go ,but on One condition that I pay him Rs 100.
To which I protested removing wallet .
"Mere Pass Koi paise nahi hai" (I don't have any money)

To which he replied .
"Pur ap ke pass HDFC ATM card tho hai , dekho waha ek atm hai" [pointing to my ATM CARD]
(But you do have ATM card , look there's a ATM)

Looks like If corruption is a way of life I'm learning fast.

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