Donnie Darko

I watched Donnie Darko yesterday . The experience of which is still floating in my brain.
I'm searching for words to describe what I felt as I watched it .

As Gary Jules sings Mad World in the background you're floating through time and space . You find yourself in a metal craft traveling at the speed of light and then it happens you think to you're self this movie is "bloody brilliant".

As seen in my earliar post time travel fasicnates me as does many people (read Time Travel).
Well the movie revolves around the life of one Donnie Darko a paranoid shiezopreinic who is capable of time travel and his imaginary friend frank who is 6 foot tall bunny rabbit.
Director Richard Kelly describes the film as a cross between Sam Raimi?s 'The Evil Dead', Martin Scorcese?s 'The Last Temptation of Christ' and Robert Zemeckis?s 'Back to the Future'.
The movies I love keep me guessing.Movies that you can predict are grossly boring.Donnie Darko is a wild ride with a new suprise hiding at each bend.

There are finer elements of the film which minic reality in an almost surreal way this can be illustrated by the following dialogue.

Donnie : My parents didn't get me what I wanted for Christmas.
Dr. Lilian Thurman : What did you want?
Donnie : Hungry Hungry Hippos.
Dr. Lilian Thurman : And how did you feel, being denied these hungry, hungry hippos?
Donnie : Regret.

All and All 4 Stars. . . Posted by Hello

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