Eva - Part 1

EVA ; Part 1

In a shimmering black fur coat she sits on the sofa lounging extravagantly. Sophistication oozes out of her like hot lava does from a volcano. Sitting there silently she waits for her next pray for she has mastered the art of manipulation. One glance into her large brown eyes would put into a hypnotic trance a slave to her every desire. Her name is Eva.
As for you, you have no name.

A jazz quartet plays in the background the smooth sounds only magnified by the alcohol in your blood stream. You stand there moon bathing in the balcony with a tall glass in your hand. Kissing the glass ever so softly at brief intervals of time you dream. The land breeze cools your brow and aurora of light from a million light bulbs blinds your eyes while the drink in your hand blocks out your brain.
Your legs jingle to the sound of the saxophone and your body sways to the music like a cobra. You close your eyes only for a moment turn and forget who are, just for a second you become just nobody.
Turning slowly you walk measured steps the music gets louder and you can feel the presence of people around you but you can not see there faces. Vision plays trick on you because you always see what you want to see and not what is actually there. There is no getting beyond your eyes. You look around trying to make contact like a lone alien on a quest to find his home planet lost in space. Yet all you see is nothing, faceless premonitions of people and all you hear are noise of a distant music.
The world is spinning around you and the centrifugal force is pushing you outward like a wayward curve and now gravity is your only savior as you fall to the ground like one of Galileo�s experiments. Time freezes cold and it seems to take forever and a nanosecond before the impact you smile as face hits into the icy marble floor.

Note : - Stay tuned to part 2 coming tommorrow. I'm planning to send it in for the
Stories at the Coffee Table
Contest. I know its pretty amatuerish but guess what I'm kind of a rockie at writing and my blog is mediocre.There is this great organisation in India promoting young writers in India aptly named Young Indian Writers check it out.
Anyway feedback on how part 1 sounds would be greatly appreciated.

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