I like wearing a crown of thorns or sleep on a bed of nails

Looks like I'm not going to sleep again. Twice in three days ,talk about of sleep deprivation not that I like wearing a crown of thorns or sleeping on a bed of nails (sleep a quality lacking in my case) it's being forced on me by the powers that be. The result being no sleep.
The "powers that be" - Who are they?
You may ask I don't know but falling back on words of Jack Black from the School of Rock about the existence of "the man" and at this point the "the man" doesn't like me very much. Not sleeping is unpleasant to say the least. I have starting seeing thing, Halucinations..
On hallucination I go back to another movie "I'm seeing things"- sixth sense.I'm hearing voices, seeing and talking to inanimate objects,flashing lights ,having long detailed conversations with myself on the consistency of the complexion of the moon and all the jazz.
Sleep deprivation is one long deja vu you've been there before and sometimes for the same reason and your body is giving you the same blinking warning lights.
It like when you're got a high fever and you're delirious you get the same feeling it kind indescribable but it the same redundant feeling like someone has put a bag over head and you can breathe but you wonder why??
The thing about not sleeping agents I'm going without the help of 'external agents' and shit no vivarin for me .. simply because it simply not available in India.
Should go now and finish the algorithm for Radix Sort.

"Goodnight and Sweet Dreams"

What the f&*& is WTF ?

I was not stressed I justoverexerted myself

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