Time Travel
----------------------------------------------------------------Imagine one moment you're walking on the road , let's say it morning and it's a somewhat dull and sultry July morning (kind of like today).You're walking to the bus stop or to the train station or to catch a rickshaw or just on your morning stroll.The sky like I said before is a dull grey .Ignoring it you walk on whiffing the morning breeze , with a hurried motion of your legs.The next moment as you laying your next step you find your self lying naked on a cold tiled floor..You're heads to spin and yourthrobs as you try to get up . A streak of fear overtakes you and a question resonates in your head ,
Where the hell are you?
May be you're in a under time ,in another place
The debate on time travel, is now pretty old now , it mainly constitutes whether one, if it is possible in the first place , second ,if is possible is possible for humans to travel into the past or into the future, and lastly if it is possible for humans to time travel has it been done?
Anyway to end , I would like you think ..If time travel is possible , and you travel back in time and meet your grandfather before father has been conceived and you kill him , will you cease to exist or is it possible in the first place.This called the Grandfather's Paradox.But if you see we're all time travelers , in the forward direction..because every seconds takes you in the future.Have a nice ride,thats all I can say

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