Pop-Art Indian Estyle

From Mumbai to Chennai and from Kochi to Kolkota, the creative industries of India entice and inform a population of over one billion. In this crowded, colorful world, innovation is often born out of necessity and scanty resources, and can result in the very clever or the completely ridiculous. The question now arises that are the best and the brightest advertisers in India really the guys working in AC buildings behind their Macs or the street artists who dream up exciting graphics which are then rolled out on walls, banners and posters in India everywhere. An Indian street is cluttered by examples of iconic vernacular graphics and commercial art. They come in many forms from personalized bodywork of vehicles to local advertising hoardings; from political posters to lavish Bollywood publicity hoardings. The result is a celebration that is a reflection of the religious, political and cultural diversity of India. That is the uniqueness of India's urban landscape: it is a visual gallery of art, if only we take the time to look.

Pop-Art Indian Estyle.
[This is one such example of such an highly evolved and stylised poster. It reads - "Ashok Talkies, Alwar PRESENTS 'The World Famous' Magician O.P Sharma Sr./Jr. If you notice the poster moves from Devanagari to English add to the finished form "]

The photo is tagged
[Kolkata's football fever is alive and well and it's symtoms are stewn over the walls of the city. ]



Gre.n on Yellow
[The beauty of it is that if the paint wears out all you need is a fresh coat of paint]

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Anonymous said...

The football pictures are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm finding out your blog ; your photos are wonderful! They are so beautiful! Good work! Continue! ;-)

From a Frenchboy

Anonymous said...

Indian Street Art is absolute eye candy. Slurp! Spend your entire lifetime and you'll still fall short of it all :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Blasis. I am really interested in pop-art (since it's one of the most popular and contemporary kind of art) and i'm interested indeed in Indian culture. I study art, therefore I only look for art's renovation. I am doing a thesis about pop-art (and contemporary art) and we have all heard about Warhol and so; anyway, I would really like to focus my research in contemporary Indian culture (Pop-art, grafitti, etc.) So I would love if you could let me some of your photos or so (to give some ideas) or -you know- if you could send me some of them by e-mail with your personal point of view. I have tried to travel to India but i can not find the time so i would appreciate if you, like give me some actual context in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and if you send and let me use some of your photos as references. I'm in the other side of the world (Internet is great, right?) and I would really-very-much appreciate your brothehood. Mi e-mail is tedetest@hotmail.com
I look forward for you to e-mail me.

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