Rain on the Door Step

A man and his bicycle and the Rain

I took this picture on a rainy day in Konark. We had set out in the morning to see the famous Sun Temple of Konark, a World Heritage site no less. Sadly the Sun Lord didn't seem to be at home. I'm sorry to have missed him for my cameras sake but than again I left him a note.

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Jo said...

Cool pic Akshay. BTW, do you have a B/W photo series in Flickr? If not, please think of one set for BW pics.

Anonymous said...

I love the shadows.

GuNs said...

Amazing !!
Hey, tell me one thing. Are you a professional photographer? I mean, do you do photography to earn a living? If yes, I need your advice coz I want to start somehow and work as a freelancer for magazines/newspapers/agencies etc. Can you guide me on this one?


Anil P said...