The Silly Picture Thing

Alas, I've fallen victim to the Silly pic meme which seems to have enraptured the Indian blogosphere - all thanks to Saket and Sakshi.

So here goes

[Picture courtesy Nick]

This was taken at the La Meridian, Pune the time we infilterated (Yes-Men style) a seminar on Indo-French agricultural co-operation. [Yawn !!]. Anyways free food and drinks awaited us. We made full use of all facilities ... burp !

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neha vish said...

Rofl! :)

Anonymous said...

Akshay, it's not really silly, especially since Anantha and The Other Nilu have set some very high standards!

Nick said...

I like this picture, too! (Especially because Akshay is about four or five inches taller than me, but here he is trying to hide from the Wicked Tea Police at Le Meridien!

Anonymous said...

Not silly at all.. Maybe like mine :p

PS. Amaltas on the top of the page?

Sumit said...

Umm its Le Meridian