Everybody has a scale for beauty in their head. A scale developed from picture, movies, imagination and more ...
Prague expands all these scales of beauty. It's a pure classical superlative of beauty..
With it's ancient buildings, cathedrals,superfluous architechture it oozes beauty in all directions and makes you sigh. It's by far the most beautiful city I've visited in Europe. If you ever planning a visit ot Europe I suggest Prague - not be left out.

I'm now off to Karlovy Vary and then to Vienna.

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Rushi said...

Wow Akshay. That looks so beautiful. If I wasn't before, now I'm definitely visiting Prague. Been writing again.. mostly idealistic bull.. but what can I say?
I love your blog... and I miss you.

dewdrop said...

it has been long..i thought i stumbled onto another blog! work has been horrible....going to catch up soon...hopefully!! have fun on ur trip (im presuming u havent moved)

niki yokota said...

wow~ the pic is really beautifuuuul!!

. : A : . said...

The picture is beautiful. Perfect that you chose for it to be in black and white.

>|' ; '| said...

wow, prague is grande n olde... beautiful to look at.

livinghigh said...

u-hu! still travelling, i c!
well, hurry back, lil boy ;-) and send over pictures.

Phal said...

I'm sorry but where is my comment? I posted!!!!

Akshay said...

rushi - Hello rushi how's it going. How did you like HP 6? and I miss you too.

dewdrop - Has you're evil room-mate moved out yet ?.. no I haven't moved.

niki and august - thanx

poisen - thats right prague is grande old and the beer is cheap

livinghigh - I'm back already

phal - type it up again