Bombay trickle effect.


The last 48 hours have been an anti-climax from the 2 weeks earlier. But then again it would look like an aberration to what the many citizens of Bombay have faced in the last few days or so.

When you're in foreign country without access to my beloved internet the only news one's get about India is either a 20 second news spot in German or Italian or on a BBC World news ticker or a casual mention on CNN before the sport news or on page 9 of the Die Spiegel [also in german].Therefore till I reached Frankfurt I presumed all was well in India - more specifically Bombay.

8:30 am at counter 796 terminal 2, hall C - We found out that our Air India flight was cancelled and then the news started to trickle in. "Record rain in Bombay" - "X people dead" and othher more speculation. It's a known fact that distance magnifies or demagnifies ground realities. More the hearsay more the hazy idea you get and greater the chance for misinformation. By the end of which I was pretty confused on what was actually happening. Had to find a internet terminal and make some phone calls and update myself.

Reverberations are felt.
Our World has becomes a giant glass house if one window is broken you're going to feel it somewhere.
Bombay comes to a halt -- global systems fail, ATM's come to halt, stock exchanges close come to a halt, call centers don't work, flights are cancelledm, people are stranded -- global repercussions are felt. It's like a link coming undone in a chain.

Getting stuck at an airport you get a sense of what Tom Hank's character in the movie Terminal must have felt. Endless floor space, escalators, a monorail train and every think a human being might possibly need.

Our visas expire and we become aliens for a while.

The next daywe get a flight - they give us priority because of our expired visas and the super full flight to Bombay takes-off.

8hours latter ...
Our flights cirlces Bombay's cloudy skies for a about 45 minutes -- we are running out fuel the captain explains and we deviate to Ahmedabad.
We land in Ahmedabad and refuel. We take off 4 hours later and ours is probably the last plain to land at Bombay airport because shortly after we've landed flights AI 126 skids off the run way.

Anyways I'm back and to be honest it's good to be back.
Picture, experiences and musings soon ..

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Nick said...

Welcome back! Glad you made it home safe and sound. Hoping to see some more commentary on the Europe trip? Trivial thoughts are my favorite...

Geetanjali said...

Hey - was just thinking bout you today and when you're supposed to be back...close call eh? Good to hear you're all safe and sound, not to mention dry and obviously installed in your own house! Was planning a visit to Bbay last weekend, postponed it to this weekend - now I think I might just have to wait till it's all clear...the expressway is also quite dangerous these days...sigh.
Take care baccha...and yeah, am also waiting for Trivial thought (or untrivial for that matter) on Europe :-)

Rushi said...

Well I would say Welcome Back.. but I don't live in India where I can be so near to the people I like... so, I'm happy that you're at home, wherever that may be. Can barely wait until I get to go to college and travel the world as you do.
I don't know about you, but I always saw my home as an extension of my being.. It was strange to ever leave it and find that it had changed when I came back.. but it does, and it had. Thank you for the thoughts.. I will just be sooo happy to say that I am related to you when you become famous and renowned (sp?).

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