Ich Bin Berliner

Berlin has an undertone of coolness and some scars from it's somewhat fragmented history but all in all it is doing pretty well and like I said before I quiet like berlin.

Berliner Fragments.
  • Hitler, I feel had a persecutive-superiority complex which made him build, destroy, move many of berlin's landmarks and monuments. For example - Unter den Linden is Berlin's main promenades, which started off as country walk ''under the linden trees'' but was eaten up by the city as it grew. Hitler being the prick that he was cut down these trees and put up giant banners with swastikas on them for the Berlin Olympics. Obviously the berliners weren't too happy with this so most of the linden trees where replanted. Hitler also moved victory columns that bothered him, built new chancelleries, burnt library books and I think you know the rest.
  • Berlin has been through a lot this last century - 2 World Wars, division, occupation, walls, series of despotic regimes, overzealous americans, super-zealous soviets, secret police, and some die-hard gone crazy communists and now some unemployment.
  • Most of berlin was bombed out during the war and this lead to a massive re-building effort after it giving some great examples of design and architecture. Guess what though the americans and british bombed churches, residential building they hit the british embassy once and the american one twice ---- but they didn't bomb the headquaters of the luftwaffe for some reason.

  • Berliner Irony

    I found a building which had a confectionery on the first floor, a celluloid- fat reduction clinic on the second and had a dentist on the third.
    I got to see this absolutely lovely Goya exhibition

    I'm off to Prague.

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    Rahul said...

    Nice info there....And waiting for some cool snaps.

    The Agony Aunt said...

    sounds like a great place to be.

    nice makeover by the way.

    livinghigh said...

    OMG! wow... nice look and neat stuff! I WANT POSTCARDS! yes!!!! ;-)

    Monologist said...

    looking forward to the pictures :)
    Abs love the makeover, where can I get one of these?

    Rushi said...

    haha... life's funny that way.. i wish i was in europe visiting art museums and listening to fantasmical music... i envy you so.

    Geetanjali said...

    Oh god - nostalgia happng. Been down Unter din Linden :-)
    Hey forgot to tell you - hope you visited the Jewish musuem in Berlin? It's defi one museum in that city you can't miss - and that city has ALOT of museums...

    rakesh kay said...

    if im not mistaken even JFK said "ich bin ein berliner!"..coincidentally, a "berliner" also happens to be a jam-filled doughnut..