Die Berliner (UPDATE)

In the last 24hours I've been - from crummy airport lounges to cramp economy class seats to high speed trains to trams some more trains and I'm finally here in Berlin. ''Die Berliner''

I have only spent a few hours in Berlin and tell you what I'm getting a good vibe from the city and can't wait to see more. First thing that strikes you're in Berlin is all the graffiti, it's every and not always the vandalistic kind some of it is pretty arty.Second is all the construction that is taking place it is believed that in 2003 Berlin was the world's biggest construction site.

Anyways I'm dead exhausted now and I'm going to try and get some sleep.


Dinner was a scrumptous 'döner kebab' swallowed down with allot of german beer.

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Anju said...

Ooo.. I loved Berlin. Have fun!

Phal said...

ooohhhh... how cool!!!! whens my postcart coming??? and the other thing also. i see you for coffee when you back?

niki yokota said...

wow~!! new blog looks Great akshay(^o^);; u must be really tired. sweet dream and snap beautiful shots of Germany pls!