Listen, Sync, Create : A look at Odeo

There is some bathroom reverb as the somewhat gruff voice of Biz Stone streams through my media player but the end product is quiet smooth and funny. Just a few minutes I downloaded this from Evan William [blogger founder] & Noah Glass's new 'invitation' only venture Odeo.

O'Riely's popular techzine Make describes Odeo as a "podcast recording, hosting and publishing service".
Evhead hopes Odeo will do for podcasting what blogger did for blogging
That brings me to the much asked and answered question these days is what is PODCASTING ?Wikipedia explains it best.
Podcasting is a way of publishing files to a website that allows users to subscribe to the site and receive new files as they are posted. Most podcasts are spoken word audio created by individuals, often on a particular theme such as technology or movies. Because new files are downloaded automatically by subscribers, podcasting allows individuals to have a self-published, syndicated radio show."

So how does Odeo look,feel and work ?
For starters it's organized into three connected sections.
  • listen - Which allows the user to browse, listen , tag and comment on, various podcasts.It also enables the user to 'sync' or subscribe to a particular podcast you like. This brings me to the second second section.
  • Sync - The sync section queues up you favorite podcasts. So that you could download them via Odeo's platform Odeo Synr and listen to them at leisure on your media player or your ipod.
  • Create - This section isn't up yet but promises to allow the user to create and share podcast of you own.
Summing up, I think the fully functionally odeo hopes to be a flickr like community of podcasters of varied backgrounds and professionalism.

Here are some screenshots from Odeo.
The main page

Odeo Syncr

The Create page.

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