How the world see's America.

The Economist has an article on the how the world see's America. The results of which are not suprising but still quiet interesting.
As you can see India is pretty high up on the list countries that favour America.
Pew asked its respondents to give favourability ratings to five nations: America, France, Germany, Japan and China. America came bottom of everyone's list everywhere except in India, where it was top, Poland, where it was in the middle and China, where it came above Japan.
Look at this

The Pew poll even raises questions about how far others still see America as the land of opportunity, as Americans do. One question asked: �Suppose a young person who wanted to leave asked you to recommend where to go to lead a good life�what country would you recommend?� Nobody except the Indians picked the United States first

You ask a Pakistani and he/she says China.

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