Quick Visits

I was reading the paper today morning and sadly there weren't any politicos opening sari symposiums.

One of the papers were headlined to say that the no.2 ambani, who the press lovingly call anil paid a quick visit to the prime-minister [abbreviated as pm] the finance miniser [abreviated ad fm] and Maran [to be understood as the telecom minister and thankfully not abbreviated as TM].

Ambani junior is obviously rich and powerful and he probably has all these guys on the contact list of his mobile phone but I was wondering if I had something important to say will it be possible for me to ever meet any of the above mentioned people. I think not.

May be if I had a billion dollars things would be differrent.

Then probably then I could call up the Prime minister and tell him.
"Prime Minister saab , please save me from my aweful older brother and and I'll let soniaji fly to moscow in my jet. "

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