Heres to the Rail Junkies

Heres to the Indian Internet Rail Junkies

There a motley bunch who spend their ideal time digging (and I mean real deep) into the mammoth we call the Indian Railways and coming out with obscure facts & details.

Yeah I'm talking about the IRFA (short for the Indian Railways Fan Club)

The yahoo group & website[link] that describes themselves as :-

An electronic discussion list for railfans interested in trains in India. Topics include: passenger and freight services, routes, train schedules, railroad operations and technology, locomotives and rolling stock, history, travelogues and trip reports, railway sightings, preservation efforts, and locomotive and train photography.

These are not just not your average train chasers they're good.
Heres remember I did a piece on traveling to Dehli by the Sampark Kranti(( remember ))
Then someone probably googled there way here

The resultant being - -
Check this out

On that day, the SK stopped at Bharatpur. Doesn't seem like a
technical halt. I am still curious about the tech. halts for the
Mah. SK - wonder whether it skips Surat!


Thus bringing about an entire debate about Why ? the SK stopped at Bharatpur and technicalities where in.
Intense really!
Go ahead Explore their site and learn about the Indian Railways, read trip reports, and view their picture gallery!

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