Matchstick magic : Warli Folk Art

Matchstick magic: Warli Folk Art

Triangular figures of animals and humans alike with stick-like hands and legs, geometrical designs with rows of dots and dashes adorn their lava red mud walls.
Art as a visual communication, as an expression of their life style and passion for nature, depiction in the utmost detail. Warli Painting is what I'm talking about.
Warli is the name of the tribe, which resides in Thane district in Maharashtra on the northern outskirts of Mumbai and extends up to the Gujarat border

It's a rarity to find a straight line in Warli paintings, just like life don't you think.The warlis paint everything from dancing peacocks to depictive harvest scenes.

Warli Paintings are rick in detail but their real beauty lies in their utter simplicity.

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