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As I enter into my 19th year as a person, I have a lot to say but not so many words to say it. Year Eighteen had its ups and downs, it�s trivialities, it�s changes, it�s loves and it�s hatreds but it�s all over. I have lived so many lives, danced so many dances, spoken so many languages, and sung so many songs and when I look back sometimes and it all seems the same.
Change is so constant is that even if everything seems the same it�s not. A d�j� vu is not really a d�j� vu it�s a strange reaction for some feelings you want to keep inside. We change so much that we break, dissolve and we crawl away from the people we once were. Well to be honest I didn�t mean this post to be in cohesive bits of nonsense but since I�m here. What the heck?
I remember supermarkets in France sell wine in tetra pak cartons, like it�s milk. You know what would be great if they would sell champagne in cartons unscrewing the cork won�t be a problem anymore. Will it ?
Don�t you think homeopathic medicine promotes placebos as treatment? I don�t doubt they work and I quiet like the idea of small balls of sugar dipped in alcohol being the treatment to every ailment known to man .
Life is so many moments, I�ll give you to the example of my mobile phone (He's mentioning his mobile phone he�s like every other teenager [I�m I still a teenager, well but it�s my final year] obsessing about small phones with no wires). Yes my mobile phone/cell phone, quiet a trendy model mind you (that�s what matters these days doesn�t it , your ipod [which I possess] or your slick camera phone [no camera on mine ] yes this is what really matters, for you are a better person if you�re materialistic). Well back to phone, for a piece of plastic case filled with Chinese Integrated Circuits it�s had quiet an eventful life. Apart from being dropped countless number of times, it bears a scar from being to placed too close to a mosquito coil. Does anyone smell burning plastic? Now it looks like a brown mould has taken up permanent residence on the top of my phone. Some people drop there phones in buckets of water I burn mine . If that�s not enough I dropped it while driving today, if it wasn�t for Nick who risked life and limb to save it from a most unfortunate meeting with the tires of a PMT bus.
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This post isn�t over yet.
Coming up next �shameless self promotion of a thoughtless mind� but first here�s a word from our sponsor.(read it in a fake English accent , if your English you get choice of foreign accent ,Yorkshire counts well if you�re from Yorkshire �.).

Are you happy with your long distance service provider? ( Just kidding )

Now back to our regular program shameless self promotion.. I had a really great day, better than my usual. I decided to take a little vacation so I took the morning off and went sightseeing with my new buddy nick. We went to Pataleshwar Cave temple, 8th century temples cut out of a single rock right in the middle of Pune. Damn peaceful definitely worth a visit and what's better entry is free. We then went to Shaniwar Wada and walked the ramparts. The third place we went to reminds me of Bob Marley It's called Rasta Peth. I would have a post on this soon probably but you would have to wait . I will be not posting till the 16th of December. I know it sucks especially for me but exams call. If you�re interesed you could read my other blog, Pune Blogging . Geetanjali has an awesome post lined up for you on Nala Park(s)? which I really enjoyed incidentally . Geetanjali, you could visit the University garden I really like it, you know it's was once a botanical garden or you could visit Empress Gardens (it�s near the race course) newer been there but I�ve heard it's good . There are a lot of gardens and I wonder why they still call Bangalore the garden city.

I sure have been rambling on forever but that�s what I�m a trivial rambler. Thinking of calling my cell phone scarface from now on.

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