Eva - Part 2

Eva - Part 2 ....... contd from Part 1

Her eyes are on you, she is watching. A teardrop rolls down her cheek at the sight of your fall from grace. She grimaces but sits there motionless on the sofa. Her diaphragm contracts gently as she breaths in and breathes out small puffs of air. Breathing is such a trivial exercise born out of a craving to be alive. As she sits there she thinks of better days when everybody was together for togetherness
like everything else in this world togetherness is temporary. In the inner breaches of her mind she looses herself to thoughts of life, death and the fallen you.

As you lie there on the glass of what was your drink you don�t feel like getting up you�re satisfied in just lying there in your illusion that everything will be ok. But compulsion is greater then illusion. Disoriented and drunk you get up and walk to the sofa. You know what people say to you?
�You�re Drunk when you�re sober.and you�re sober when you�re drunk. If you would only take LSD you would answer the questions of existence.�
I know it doesn�t make any sense but thats what people say.

Woken from the inner breaches of her mind by the clambering steps of the fallen .Her eyes broaden and she becomes alert like a tigress is to her prey. The glint of your reflection hovers over her eye like the future does over a crystal ball. She looks at you carefully from head to toe, she counts the folds on your shirt, counts your white hair from your black, she notices your untied shoe lasses. She can see the pain in your eyes the blood in your mind and the hole through your heart.

There is a romance in the two colors, black in white. If you seen a rainbow in black and white you would see the same two colors in seven shades of the same. The face of the people you have met in the years of life ,flash by like mug shots in a police archive. Then you catch a glimpse of her brown eyes, black flowing locks of hair and she smiles .Her face, just a mirror for the Sun.

Note --- Stay tuned for part 3.. the last and final part in this trilogy of posts.
Ahh before I forget the heres the link for Young Indian Writers .

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