Striker's Anonymous 1
Part 1
Monday the 6th of September.
Bombay , India.

Akshay is sitting at home and being the couch potato that he is ,is watching television . He is clicking away at the remote as if it where a game console of some type , channel surfing.
[A cellphone "rings" and "vibrates" on the wooden side table making an even stranger noise]
Akshay outstretches his hands and picks up the phone and talks into it like people usually do.
If you where present there you would have heard the following :

Akshay - Hello, Was sup in college?
Akshay - What!! MIT is on strike. You're joking right ?[in disbelief]
Akshay - No way ,All of Second Year Engineering !![in disbelief again]
Akshay - Police and all came , God this is simply unbelievable !
Akshay - Their demanding 34 grand back!! awesome !!![come on this is too good to be true]
Akshay - How come I always miss out on the fun?
Akshay - Yes I'm coming back to Poona tomorrow. See you in College. Ciao!

The next day...
Tuesday,7th of September.
Mumbai-Pune Expressway,India.

Times of India , Pune
- page 3 -
MIT students boycott class in protest against fee

PUNE: Close on the heels of engineering students from the Maharashtra Academy of Engineering, Alandi protesting against the "steep" fee structure, their counterparts at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) at the Kothrud campus on Monday boycotted classes demanding an immediate refund of excess fees collected by the college management.
Over 300 students from the second year, who gathered in the college campus early ,Monday morning, said they will continue with their agitation till the management agrees to comply with the fee structure determined by the Shikshan Shulka Samiti headed by retired high court judge RA Jahagirdar, and refunds the excess amount already charged from them.

Clouds overcast,a blue Neeta Volvo bus yonder ,passes by you in a flash.
Little does our protagonist know that you are watching him as he sits on seat number 22 reading The Da Vinci Legacy (a da vinci code clone) which by the way for your information he is still reading.
As the bus moves closer to it's destination we switch locations to the Campus of Maharashtra Institute of Engineering , where the strike is entering it's second day .The Management has agreed to refund Rs.20,000 of the Rs.34,000 demanded by the students .The students refuse and the strike continues with sloganeering in high pitch.

1300hrs :
Akshay reaches the campuss greated by the shouts of a hundred of his fellow students.
They shout -
"Refund!!! Refund!!!"[as if it where a football chant]
followed by
"Ganapati Bapa Mooriya amche paise vaapas diya [Marathi]" (Give are money back)
In all the excitement and the adrenaline of the mob ,Akshay joins in the festivities,only to recieve a hundred missed calls form his mother asking him not to get involved.But Akshay being the stubborn buffoon that he is dives right in , you know what they say once you're wet might as well get drenched.

{to be contd}

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Monologist said...

That's awesome!!
Extremely awesome.

I hope they actually do get their refund. all schools are soo over priced now.

oh and thanks for the engr comment on my blog.
That made my day--- and put me into prospective for the while.
and good luck with the protest

Akshay said...

Actually we didn't get are the full refund we wanted ... anyways more on that tomorrow.

Hugh said...

Hey! Thank goodness you're back. I thought maybe you had died after being hit by that car but you're just rioting. :) I hope you get your money back.

Akshay said...

If ,I where dead it I bet it would have done wonders for the hits on my blog