Gmail For Free

As the Gmail debate rages on,privacy or no privacy , 1Gb of no 1Gb most will agree gmail is still in fashion , it's like the mail equivalent of the ipod.
Yes ,gmail give it you 1Gb but even rediff gives you same ,then what makes gmail click.
I think it is exclusivity that Gmail holds that makes the G capital.I found that gmail's "invitation only" enrollment process is the key to the attraction it still holds.It works like a pyramid scheme where only blogger members (owned by google) and those you are "invited" get their id and now there entire sites which cater to people who want gmail or those who want to barter a gmail invite for something ( read
I too bartered an invite for a postcard from Mexico City.
Anyway this being my 101st entry .. I thought I'll give away my 3 remaining gmail invites.
Thus for the first three lucky people who mail me at get the invites.

In other trends looks like amazon's is giving google a run for it's money.

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