Being my usual trigger happy japanese photo-tourist self

Pardon my photography, but you've read it right the sign reads.

I took this picture ,this year in Sri Lanka with the sole reason of publishing it in my blog.I found it pretty hilarious ,the first time I read it so I thought I'll be my usual trigger happy japanese photo-tourist self and take a picture. AND yes the monkeys do break their tiles I found that out at 2am in the morning (Yawn!!).

Sid if you're reading this I'm in Bombay, back on tues.
Yes you've heard right I'm in Bombay/Mumbai therefore my next post will have some Bombay masala or may be some of my Bombay dreams (bad pun I know).

Can you believe Bollywood (Indian film industry) ripped off an Adam Sandler movie.
Yes there's a Hindi version of Anger Management running around , I bet Mr. Sandler will see the humor in that. I'm not a connoisseur of Hindi movies I do see them (I don't how this related but I must tell you Quentin Tarintino Rocks).
I was forced into seeing it on the bus (read Neeta Volvo) with dolby surround sound and all(Picture of a Monkey(me) with hands on his ears).
Anyway it's called
Mujse Shaade Karoge (if you're don't know Hindi heres a fun exercise ,use it on the next person you know who knows Hindi).
Goodnight .

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krisje_1984 said...

Thanks For your post on my Blog! How is India??? I never been there but I think it is very beautiful there
(nice pics to)

Love, Kristel

Akshay said...

Hello kristie,
India is nice, what can I say ..she's pretty swell she got her kinks but I love her for them.

I'll say again , your blog it's pretty nice it's in dutch and I don't know any dutch (I know one line in German though "die englander scum" ) but I like the general feel.
Thanks for visiting again