Awake , Awake Akshay Awake.

Eyes open, to the sound of tangling clocks, bells, and buzzers chimes, courtesy Pink Floyd's Time. This is my wake up play list that my computer randomly spits out at exactly 9am.
Yes I'm a late riser and I need my beauty sleep (which I need allot of, refer to profile picture to know why.).
Ticking away the moments
that make up the dull day
You fritter and waste the
hours in an off hand way

Sometimes time fails to wake me up, and I lie there on my bed dreaming I'm awake.
This happens 50% of the time therefore I rely on my fail-safe wake up protocol.
This song has the sole aim of waking you up.

Wake up!
You can’t remember where it was.
Had this dream stopped?
The snake was pale gold
Glazed & shrunken.
We were afraid to touch it.
The sheets were hot dead prisons.

After waking up I show signs of sleepiness by yawning and outstretching my hands above my head. There is theory going around that I'm never really awake, that and I'm perennially high. The second one is true.
I therefore walk to the bathroom, brush my teeth after which I continue towards the toilet pot to relieve myself; I’m suddenly woken up with a jerk and a tickle in my heart. It’s like kick starting a motorcycle.
I then stand in front of the mirror and this is how the mirror will describe me -

He's got, a slight cold and his nose is blocked so you can hear him sniffle his way through life. His face has turned a shade of greenish brown and his eyes are red and watery and his face has been chiseled in to a permanent frown.

Then my day takes a u-turn towards hell. I go to college and spend the day sleeping through a galaxy of lectures.
But sometimes I don't go college then I spend my time calculating the rpm of my ceiling fan which is so fun or I count the specks on my wall or I have a ball doubling 2s.

Doubling 2s is fun exercise you should try it.

You start with 2 and that becomes 4 8 16 32 64 128 .... you get the picture
on day a particularly uninspiring day I reached 524288.
You add 0 to that number you get a number of one my "great friends" please call that number , tell him I sent you.

Anyways enough rambling for the day.
It's raining again.
I don't like September RAIN.

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atrophying said...

Ooh, the fan comment of yours was hilarious! I usually stare at my watch and memorize every detail of itsy nice, round, smirking face.

Akshay said...

I do that too in boring lecture when I divide the lecture time in 5 min slots and tick it away as they go by

Sid said...

btw fifteen minute slots make it faster :) from expereince. btw no comment about driving/traffic?

take care dude,

Akshay said...

No comments on driving , I can't play all my cards at once can I ?

Hugh said...

Tiles and bricks are good for trying to discover faces or animals.

Kathak - The Story Teller! said...

After you're done with doubling 2s, you could try taking a random number (preferably less than or just over 1), find its square root 15 times (or any x times), then cube it for 12 times (or any y times) then square it x times (now thank me for taking a small number, or the calculator will give an overflow error) and cube root 12 times. Then subtract the original number, and find the error to the 12th decimal.

Akshay said...

Thank you for the suggestion Kathak but unlike you I'm not a member of mensa and I don't know how to use fast fourier transforms(I so know that I'm going to down M-3 when I have it)
and hugh spending longs hours staring at floors tiles ,granite , marble is a sure great way... to burn time,
I'm bombay
spent the 3 hour drive making one word out of
INSATIABLE ... try it
It took me 56 minutes.
Thats how dumb I am,
you'll kill yourself at the answer

Kathak - The Story Teller! said...

C'mon... you don't have to a member of mensa, you just need that handly little thing all engineers have, the ever dependent calculator. With the calc, what do you really need to worry about?

And what word did you make from insatiable?

Akshay said...

Banalaties is right, and yes the good old calculater ... where will be with out it thats reminds me I have go a C programme on that one ... flowchart and all , how journal work sucks!!!!