The forgotten majority
I am a part of small minority , actually it is a ignored majority of people who feel the world is being on a witch hunt to find a phantom in the shadows.
A phantom which is partly imaginative caricature of a non-existent enemy.
This "War" or should I say pseudo war is creating great divides .. Larger rifts ..
Thus accelerating a movement of two groups away from each other now faster then ever. Hope something is done before it is too late , before all that is left is a deep abyss of nothingness.
This witch hunt has another victim... The greater majority who have been side lined and there sadness and grief forgotten.
The world media have lost their sense of responsibility. They fail highlight the plight of the underprivileged...
If we don't act now ... The world , this planet is going to a traumatic future which will not only effect the forgotten majority but also have drastic effects on the larger minority

I use this blog to put my opinion on thing and also pepper that with a some personal commentary on my life till now it has been a sort mixed and some random this ... To avoid this ... I will segregate the two and ... Label them ...

I'm going start a petition against an anti-outsourcing bill launched by the US senate... More details as they come

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