Another week has ended , another Sunday I have spent alone in the out-house I call home. I have tests to study for , assignments to submit. Waiting as the new week prepares yet another onslaught.
The past week I have read Lovely bones by Alice Seabold , Its an excellent book . I'm sure the book has changed me in some way but I cannot put my finger on it.I enjoyed reading it and am sure If I ever find an another book by Alice Seabold on a bookstore. I'm sure to buy it .Yah and I got myself a new book , looks like I'm becoming a bibliophile , the new Jhumpa Lahiri novel , Namesake . I like her writing but I have noticed she has restricted herself to writing about bengalis and more bengalis . After reading a entire book of short stories on bengalis now reading a novel on bengalis is beginning to irritate me . Enough of eating Mach (fish) and talking about CPIM. I know you cannot get hilsa in Boston so stop complaining.
Note to myself - I should read Nikolai Gogol or Aleksandr Pushkin next time ..Or some scifi .. im pretty sick of breakout fiction.
-I'm sliding against the chicane , sparks fly up into the sky

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MM said...

Hi there!
I was looking in google for some new Alice Seabold book, I read the lovely bones and loved it, and also Lucky which are her memoirs. Great!!!
Like your writing.
from Venezuela