In the beginning there was god and then there was man. It is written we are all same.
We the prodigal children who walk this earth in search and in search we go.

I sit in a large vestibule, moving. I look at life through the side window carefully concealed behind soiled curtains. Air flows out in to the room through a complex labyrinth of vents and condensers and compressors but the effect is not different form cooling actually thinking back it is cooling.
The room moves, sometimes stops, turns like it has mind of it own. Not knowing I later I find out it has a mind of another.
My room, stops or at least the mind decides to stop. Silence is my fellow companion in this room. Lights are incident on me from overhead at the command of the mind. I look around me and proceed to a tiny opening, which has opened from what was formally wall. Metal steps extend magically to the ground as I step down. The wall reappears as magically as it disappeared and the room moves on leaving me quiet stationary.
AND stationary I am

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