I have started reading a new book , which is quite interesting it is a series of short stories titled Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. After a short break at my college it is starting again tomorrow , been a nice period of rejuvination actually , eventhough it has not been very productive.
So presently I'm suffering from a strange malady . Sufferred by almost everybody ,end of break blues if you can call it that anyways it is back to the grind for me.
I think I should start wrting some fiction . Its a good exercise I think since the lack of television has left me bored at most when I'am not studying or sleeping that is. I find myself sitting next to three band radio , listining to the BBC world service .We are doing up my house at present so I have moved into the garage.Its a modified garage we have equiped it with a Kitchenette and a bathroom . Its quiet quaint and cosy I have cocunut tree in the middle of my sitting area.

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