I have 8 minutes to write this bog...
Firstly I don't like time limits but sometimes time governs you, not that I truly believe in time. Though I feel addicted to it recently. Yes an addiction, like drugs or alcohol. Most people in this world are addicted to time. Time is master.
But only the lack of which has made me aware of it's true effect on my life. By lack of time I do not mean less time but the complete lack thereof. My home, new home rather has no time piece, neither do I have a personal time piece... so I spend most of time (notice the use of time in this case, clear sign of my addiction) guessing, estimating looking at the sky asking my self is it morning yet, can it be 8 am already..
Only thing is that there is no sure way to prove it, really frustrating.
Time is an invention of man, not the other way round, but sometime I wonder whether it is the latter.

See I finished that in 6minutes.

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