Strange ideas find themselves in my mind sometimes, strange ideas, thoughts . I bet the same must be the case with other people in all walks of life. But I would like to think this phenomenon is unique to me. My fallacy .
I'm not a very “light” person. No I do not mean I'm heavy but the thing is I don't like light , any kind of light sunlight or otherwise. This feeling towards light has been a recent thing. A liking for darkness , or the lack of light has formed in the photo plate that is my mind and my eye have become more light sensitive and my night vision also has improved.
Shift in my environment is the cause … in the middle of the night I wake up .. All you see is a complete darkness. Its like your eyes are closed yet they are open or you are under a thick blanket of darkness. I seem to like this. Strangely.
Growing up I lived in city , a city filled with light and even the night was not dark.
True darkness , seems to give a strange sensation , since a person cannot see himself/herself , you feel invisible .
Invisibility in darkness.
Most people in the world are invisible , but that is a different kind of darkness.
Darkness of ignorance.
Darkness of Neglect.
Darkness of Abuse.

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