Rooms of darkness, I have become obsessed by darkness.
All you see is nothing, nothing, not a single ray or photon of light, zero illumination.
My room is quite large, about 20 feet by 20 feet. With two large windows to the left. Green foliage is all that can be seen, a line of chickoo trees. The trees and the green act as screen of green from the boiling gaseous body we call the sun. Yet he manages to infiltrate my room through the atmosphere then thought the tall airy leaves of the eucalyptus tree, then through the intricate tresses of the chickoo leaves and the mosquito net that screens my window, his messengers reach me like penetrating needles of invisible thread. He plagues me half the day, yet I battle him with the clouds my allies, blocking him yet they do so in vain as they disappear like the water they are.
After half a day of a campaign he retreats to his subterranean nest, only to be reflected back at me by is small brother the moon.
Alas the trees are to strong for the moonbeams and I win to rest in complete darkness. Darkness where my eyes see nothing and my optical nerves though active send no impulses to my brain.
No my friend, my battle is not over but yet to begin all over again.

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Ashutosh Sundaram said...

This is so beautifully written.... Zulmat kade me mere, shab e gham ka josh hai... Ek shamma hai dalil e sahar so khamosh hai...