What The Remains of the Watson Hotel

The Remains of the Watson Hotel - 2

One of my favourite buildings, the cursed Watson Hotel. Shipped from England. The first talking pictures in Asia were shown here, and where Mark Twain wrote about the crows outside his window. All now lies in ruin - subdivided into small crummy offices - the Chungking Mansion of South Bombay.

The Remains of the Watson Hotel - 1
[Remnants of the Old Ball Room]

Built in 1871, the hotel was once a majestic structure ahead of its time that served as the grandest hotel in Mumbai – then Bombay.
Designed by Rowland Mason Ordish, who is known for his detailed work on the single-span roof of St Pancras station, and named for its original owner, John Watson, it was the height of colonial opulence.
"Watson's is supremely historically important," said Abha Narain Lambah, a conservation architect with the Urban Design Research Institute in Mumbai.
Mark Twain stayed at the hotel in 1896, where he wrote about Bombay's crows from his window in *Following the Equator*.
 [via the "Mumbai's Watson's Hotel to shut 140 years after being shipped from England
" telegraph.co.uk]

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the first picture speaks loud enough! I like this segment!